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Aliens C无限世界之战争之王ould罗姗姗 Detect Life on Earth. Here's How.


As the universe's only known harbor for life, Earth is arguably one st唐焯仪range rock. But light-years from our solar system, other intelligent beings on a similar planetary oasis might be gazing in our direction and seeing us as a sign that they're not alone in the universe.


Once spotted, our planet would likely intrigue E.T. Our sun is relatively stable, not prone to disastrous flares that'd rip our atmosphere to shreds. What's more, we fall squarely within our sun's habitable zone, the area around a star where liquid water can persist on a planet's surface. (These are just some of the things that make life as we know it possible on Earth.)


Faraway scientists might then attempt to spot our atm粤之家,福星高照,二极管osphere, to see whether life's thumb is on the chemical scasylar刘嘉俊les. But what would they be looking for? And西冈雪子 could they really infer life's presence across trillions of船问网 miles?


Life Is Pretty Gassy


T我的骄傲无可救药erra Cognita?


Beyond those chemical clues, alien astronomers with truly massive telescopes might even be able to map Earth's surface from afar, down to major urban areas.


Advanced Intelligence


If intelligent life is nearby, the most straightforward way to find earthlings would be to listen for us. For the last century, human双人赛车比赛 civilization has been broadcasting its existence to the cosmos via our leaky rad粟智io transmissions. Occasionally, we've broadcast messages to E.T. intentionally, and sent golden records into the void on the off-chance that aliens stumble across our interplanetary spacecraft.


Of course, Earth is more than 4.5 billion years old, and life has changed a lot over the eons. What if alien astronomers had looked our way even a b王凤亮illion years ago?


In a 2018 paper in Science Advances, Olson and her colleagues simulated how Earth's atmosphere has changed over time. Even three billion years ago,陆昊是陆定一的儿子 aliens may have been able to infer life by sniffing out methane and carbon dioxide in the early atmosphere. But our modern atmosphere—a literal beacon for life—arrived only about 500 million years ago.




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